sábado, 28 de janeiro de 2012

I don’t wanna stay here but I also don’t wanna go home. The world seems like a cold place and all I have is a heart scared. I was thinking about rain and how the sun is always late to open my eyes. I could take a brush to paint all the walls between me and the happiness. Some promises are going away with the wind and the winter is calling me at the door. I feel something screaming inside of me. I feel like I just have to let the life open my wings and so I’ll be able to see the life in a different way. I can say that I’m fine to some people that just appear in the middle of the day but my heart will be crying cause all he wants is tell the truth about his feelings. And now I feel like a miserable because if I could open the window the sun will be shining there, and the day is beautiful but I can’t share the happiness if all I have is afraid.

And I don’t wanna be afraid anymore.

We are getting old, but we don't learn too much.

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